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Looking for job opportunities with inclusive employers?

Join us and get access to employment opportunities with our partners who work closely with us to help people with disabilities find long-term gainful employment. We have job opportunities across industries such as IT, Cybersecurity, Finance, F&B, Hospitality, and many more.

Build and grow your career together with us.

Understanding and matching your needs with suitable opportunities, we will support your transition and integration into your job. Our priority is to help you build transferrable skills that you can strengthen throughout your career.


Studying in an Institute of Higher Learning and looking for an internship?

To bridge the gap between your graduation and employment, we work closely with partnering Institutes of Higher Learning to train students with Special Educational Needs on work-readiness, and to find and support them in their internships.


Upskill or transition better into your next job.

We have train & place programs with our industry partners that will build your work-readiness, expose you to the industry, and develop you towards being a better match for potential jobs and employers.

Our existing flagship train & place programs:


YMCA - Inclus Train & Place Series

Food & Beverage

Tze Char x Thye Hua Kwan Train & Place Series‚Äč


Build a community and life outside of school and work.

Interact with people, make friends, have fun! Learn and be more independent through hands-on, social, and recreational activities. Be exposed to topics that will help you in key areas of your life such as personal empowerment, learning and thinking skills, and employability.

Empowering and supporting you and your family through life, so you can worry less and live more.

Creating the future for our community

The Dignity of Work for Everyone

How do we ensure the dignity of work for everyone as we build an inclusive future for PWDs?

I just want to be given a chance to work

“Inclus found multiple job opportunities for me when I could not even find one for myself. Besides helping me find a job, Inclus also supported me when I am at work to help me communicate and interact with my managers and colleagues. Outside of work, Inclus has also helped me to be more independent.”

Frequently Asked Questions

We have a wide and diverse range of jobs from front- to back-end jobs, from companies across multiple industries such as finance, technology, hospitality, logistics, F&B, and many more.

No, there are no fees involved for people with disabilities when Inclus finds a job for them.

This depends on a few factors, but most importantly on whether your profile is a good match for a job opportunity with one of our employer partners. If there is an existing match, it can range from as fast as 2 to 4 weeks in between matching, interviewing, contract offer, and starting your new job. If there are no existing matches, we will need more time to find suitable job opportunities for the you.

We will assess your work-readiness level before determining if Inclus is suitable to find and support you in a job without training. Should we recommend training, we will share some options that we think might be suitable for you at your current stage. These training options might be from Inclus, one of our partners, or an entirely non-affiliated organisation.

We help young adults with disabilities from the ages of 16 upwards, for training, internships, and employment.

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